The San Francisco ISSHIN-RYU ACADEMY is dedicated to the teaching of Isshin-ryu karate for self defense, fitness, and most importantly as a personal practice for self-realization.

Seems like you need to find your Self before you can defend your Self, right?  Otherwise they would have just named it "body-defense."  

But that's not what it's called.  It's called Self-Defense, but what if what you think of as your "self" is actually not your Self?  Then you'd be defending the wrong thing.  Seems like the correct order of things is to first find your Self, then you can choose whether it needs defense, and the best way to do that.

So...why exactly are YOU here?  There are many forms of exercise and the martial arts doesn't become vigorous until you have enough of the basics to start learning Kata or sparring. 

The idea that you need to defend your body from physical harm is not really needed these days, especially in the Bay Area, and if you do, then there are much faster options like calling the police, getting a restraining order, or go get some firearms training and a decent Glock or Barreta.... but don't shoot to kill, you don't want that kind of karma following you around.

The real reason you are here, although you might not be fully aware of it, is that you like the idea of using the martial arts for your own person evolution, to somehow use it to raise your awareness and consciousness of your Self.  Something in you is telling you this might make you a better person.

This is all possible, but its going to help to find an instructor that knows how to specifically use the martial arts to this effect.  Otherwise your progress is going to be a lot slower, since the instructor doesn't understand the actual goal.  Its kind of hard to get somewhere when your guide doesn't fully appreciate where you want to go, even harder when you're not sure either. 

So if you want the traditional martial arts experience, where you have a class of students that your ego can gradually train enough to be "better than" and go up the belt ranks and think of yourself by the color around your waist, then this is probably not the best place for you.  

If you'd like me to use the martial arts as a vehicle to help you become self-realized, and thus capable of defending your Self from your own ego, and just maybe find out who you really are and what this world really needs from you, then we should talk.

Sensei Smithstein

   - Sensei Smithstein  




PS. The SF Isshin-ryu Academy is currently in "Mr. Miagi Mode" as apposed to "Dojo Mode" due to the lack of a dojo at the moment.  Classes are one-on-one and arranged based on student/teacher availability and your ability to pay my extravagant fees.  (just kidding, fees are arranged for each student depending on what seems appropriate for their evolution, how many sessions per week, etc. and are set up with monthly auto-debit)


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