San Francisco Isshin-Ryu Karate Academy of Martial Arts


The San Francisco ISSHIN-RYU ACADEMY is dedicated to the teaching of Isshin-ryu karate for self defense, fitness, and most importantly as a personal practice.

After you learn the basic exercises, you will start learning kata, and will begin to kumite (spar) with other students.  The Isshin-ryu katas is were you will find the art in your practice, as they provide both the martial training of stance, technique, and timing, as well as the "meditation in motion" that starts to work on that all important resource between your ears.

Being a martial artist is a transformational experience.    The first part of that transformation comes very early with your decision to be a martial artist.  Once you know that, then the rest is accumulating the means to express that part of yourself and learn the moves that will start shaping who you are on the inside.  Our students don't fear conflict, but they aren't interested in hurting anyone either.  They want the pride, respect, and confidence of expertise, but not at the expense of someone else's progress on their own path.  Our school recognizes that we each train for conflict on the outside, but we are really learning to handle our conflicts on the inside.

If you want to make that transformation, I can take you through that process.  It takes time, but the journey is the goal.  Maybe you should explore the web site a little and arrange to meet me.   I'll teach you some of the basic exercises and you will have a chance to see whether your gut tells you this is something you need to do, and if I'm the person you want to learn from.

Sensei Smithstein

   - Sensei Smithstein  




PS. The SF Isshin-ryu Academy is currently in "Mr. Miagi Mode" as apposed to "Dojo Mode" due to the lack of a dojo at the moment.  Classes are one-on-one and arranged based on student/teacher availability. 


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