Develop a Personal Practice

•  Gain Confidence – Confidence is something you build through the repetition of success. Isshin-Ryu will take you through a learning process of basic exercises, katas, and kumite (sparring) that both builds the muscle memory needed to defend yourself, but also provides the experience of accumulated accomplishment that steadily builds confidence in your abilities, and in your Self.

Physical Fitness – Our program is designed with both skill and physical conditioning in mind so that you can steadily increase the flexibility, stamina and strength needed for effective kumite. During kumite you will have the pleasure of exchanging punches, blocks and kicks with another student. Students are only allowed to participate in this activity when the Sensei determines they are ready. (See Kumite handout for more details on tag type kumite)

Gain Awareness – Kumite conditions you to be aware of not only your body, but the hands, feet, and elbows of the person you are sparring with. The ability to sustain this focused attention on your opponent will gradually extend beyond just one person, to several. Then you will expand this awareness beyond the physical to other areas of your normal day. It will also start to improve your awareness of your mental and emotional states as the skill of using the mind to be aware of its self begins to develop.

Improve Discipline – It starts with learning how to control your body as you learn the various techniques of Isshin-ryu. The physical discipline then starts to spread to other aspects of your life like the mental and emotional. (Emotional discipline is not the absence of emotion, it is the difference between having your emotions, and letting your emotions have you.)

Lose Weight – Beyond just burning calories, and improving circulation and metabolism, Isshin-ryu can also affect other areas of your life that might be contributing factors. This includes self esteem, discipline, and awareness.

Lower Stress – While exercise alone is a great way to lower stress, tasking the mind to precisely control your body will challenge it in ways that force it to let go of anything else you might be worrying about. Performing your katas will feel like meditation in motion.

Make Friends – When you discover you are surrounded by good natured people dedicated to not only their own self improvement, but also contributing to a safe, supportive, and energetic environment, it will be kind of hard NOT to make friends.

Improved Relationships – The basic exercises and katas of Isshin-ryu will teach your mind and body to work together. Likewise, kumite puts you into a free form, split second interaction with another person where the language is punches, kicks and blocks. Since the language is simple, and the meaning always authentic, some basic truths about being in any kind relationship will begin to be revealed to you through this interaction.

Have Fun! – Do you remember the joy of playing tag as a kid? Kumite is basically the adult version of tag. In the Matrix Reloaded, the Oracle’s Guardians fights Neo to make sure he is who he says he is. In that scene he has the following line, which is very true. He says “…you don’t really know someone until you fight them.” The instructor will be able to spot anyone trying to prove themselves at the expense of others a mile away, and they will either 1) not be let into the class, 2) dismissed from the course, or 3) given a very short amount of time to adopt a new attitude depending on the student and the severity of the attitude.

• Self Defense – Training to fight, and actually fighting are very different.  Your goal should be to do one, in order to never have to do the other.  In that way, our philosophy is much like Aikido, where your attacker is thwarted without causing them serious harm.  Make no mistake, perfecting the snapped techniques of Isshin-ryu will allow you to deliver serious harm to an attacker, but you can choose techniques and the power behind them to be enough to discourage, without maiming.    Another benefit of a kicking/punching style like Isshin-ryu is that lends itself very well to “tag type” sparring, which is harder to do with typical Aikido training.  Isshin-ryu is especially well suited to sparring because our snapped technique forces an extra level of control not found in other martial art styles, which translates to much lower risk of accidents and injury.

• YMCA Sponsorship – As a YMCA sponsored dojo you can be assured the quality of the instructors and the facilities will be of the highest standard and subject to administrative review.   Our class also is aligned with the principle goals of the YMCA to include Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility which has guided this organization for the 160 years it has served communities like ours.


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