Kata are the sequence of movements a student practices to train their body to use punches, kicks, and stances together, and in harmony with each other.  They create muscle memory habits that will then automatically appear when you need to react to an opponent in real time.

Empty Hand Katas

  1. Seisan

  2. Sanchin

  3. Seiunchin

  4. Naihanchi

  5. Wansu

  6. Chinto

  7. Kusanku

  8. Sunsu

Weapon Katas

  1. Kusanku-sai

  2. Tokumine-no-kun

  3. Urashi-no-kun

  4. Chatanyara-no-sai

  5. Shishi-no-kun

  6. Hamahiga-no-tuifa


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